Agreement For Payment Gateway

PayPal implement and maintain at least appropriate technical and organizational measures, as described in Appendix 1 of this addendum, to preserve the security of the customer`s data and protect it from unauthorized or illicit processing and accidental loss, destruction or damage related to the provision of payment settlement services. You understand and agree that technical and organizational measures are subject to technical progress and development. In this regard, PayPal is expressly entitled to take appropriate alternative measures as long as the level of security of measures relating to the provision of payment settlement services is maintained. In the event of an adverse change, PayPal provide you with a notification with the necessary documents by email or publication on a website that is easily accessible to you. In exchange for providing braintree payment services to you, you agree to pay us the fees, including transaction, multi-currency and refund fees, as outlined in the pricing plan available under and included in this reference. We reserve the right to review our taxes at any time, subject to 30 days` notice for you before the new taxes come into force. Interest will be collected at a rate of 1.5% less per month or the maximum amount allowed by law for all outstanding amounts. If you have a good faith dispute over the amounts due, you agree to pay the undisputed sums. Interest does not incur on the amounts at issue as long as you pay these amounts within 30 calendar days following the settlement of the dispute. We may share your phone numbers with our service providers (such as billing or collection companies) with whom we have contracts to help us pursue our rights or fulfill our obligations under the agreement, policies or other agreements we have with you. You agree that these service providers can also contact you through calls and SMS automatically selected or registered in advance, only if we have been allowed to fulfill the above objectives and not for their own purposes. In conjunction with your use of braintree payments, you must follow Braintree`s acceptable use policy: The trader pays PayPal free of (i) sales, uses, excise duties, imports or exports, VAT or similar taxes or taxes, as well as other taxes or taxes that are not based on income PayPal, and (ii) all authorization taxes, customs duties and similar taxes that may be incurred PayPal in relation to this agreement.

These taxes, royalties and taxes paid by the merchant are not considered to be part of, deducting or compensating payments due because PayPal of this sub-activity. 2.1.4 Contracting Parties recognize and accept that the payment services provided by PayPal are of valuable financial or other consideration, not in exchange for you who provide personal data related to payment processing services. The data protection provisions applicable to the agreement are set out in Schedule A (addendum to data protection) and are included in this agreement by reference; if this Schedule A does not apply to the Venmo service of PayPal, which is subject to the data protection principles set out in Venmo`s terms of service on

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