Agency Agreement Law In Qatar

If the above conditions do not apply, the agency agreement is not governed and is not within the scope of the Commercial Agents Act, but is governed by the provisions of the Code of Commerce. If the agreement provides for arbitration, Qatar is a signatory to the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitration Awards and, as such, the Qatari courts will be likely to allow such disputes to be decided by arbitration. The categories of commercial agents governed by agency law and commercial law generally require that the agent be appointed exclusively, although this depends on the type of agency agreement between the client and the agent. Some categories of agents are exempt from tax, for example. B «sales agents/agents.» In principle, the foreign law agreement applies to any contract. However, it is likely that the Qatari courts would consider the provisions of the Trade Agents Act and the Code of Commerce with respect to «public order» as they are intended to protect the local agent. In this case, the choice of the law of another jurisdiction would not be applicable and the provisions of Qatari law would be applicable. There are two types of commercial agents; one is of limited duration when a fixed term is applied in the agreement and the other is of an unlimited duration that cannot be terminated without the agreement of both parties. The commission on goods and services imported by commercial agents can be determined by the agency agreement. Under Article 273 of the Code of Commerce, if there is no specific provision in the agency`s compensation agreement, it will be up to a judge to appoint a commission on the basis of evidence of commercial uses. If a third party includes products and services within the scope of the agency agreement that do not initially come from the client, the agent is entitled to a commission from that third party. This amount is set by the Minister of Economy and Trade and may not exceed 5% of the value of goods and goods imported by the third party.

The law firm`s current practice requires the direct participation and cooperation of the Qatari agent to disconnect a commercial agency agreement and it is unlikely that the registry will accept the client`s permission to re-enter the Agency by proxy or by similar documents concluded at the same time as the agency agreement. As a general rule, the registry also requires that the application for opt-out be printed on the header of the agent`s letter and dated at the same time as the application.

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